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Our work is focused on breeding the traditional type of german shepherd with the objective to produce progeny with versatile utilization and high degree of trainability. Raising your german shepherd will be much easier when you read this helpful book on teaching and training your german shepherd. These german shepherd lines began in germany and europe and spread to the united states and canada, where they split into working lines and show. Ddr german shepherd puppies for sale vom banach k9. Working german shepherd breeder ddr german shepherd breeder. The czechoslovakian working lines were developed from the former east german ddr german shepherd bloodline that was bred during the world war ii. She is social and welcoming to good people but relentless and courageous to the evil amongst us. Includes potty training, sit, stay, fetch, drop, leash training and socialization training brittany boykin. Even if there are dogs today that go back to all ddr lines most today lack type and true characteristics of what. He went high in trial at the longviewkelso club show. I like it because its laid out a lot like the original ddr bloodline chart inserts from the sieger books, but now combined, complete and gloriously illustrated, for the first time in history. Training your german shepherd dog and ensuring he lives a long happy fit and.

We recommend this book for the moderately experienced dog owner who requires a guideline specifically for the german shepherd. Most important introductory guide on the czech german shepherd. Learn about your dogs natural behavior instincts, and learn how to change and correct some of them. German shepherd dog, written by horst hegewaldkawich, is a comprehensive book on responsible care for this noble working breed. Our puppies are suited for sar, cadaver, hrd, bombdrug detection, personalproperty. Getting a happy, outgoing german shepherd is easy to achieve. Strict guidelines imposed on the breed resulted in the creation of the ddr german shepherd, one the finest working animals the world has ever had. Titled and nontitled german shepherd dogs for family protection, police work and schutzhund. I use my good living skill training program and games to produce solid temperaments.

Other ways, i am striving to improve my ddreast german shepherd program is to educate my puppy familys on. We also have photos, letters and a book signed by the late werner dalm who was the former government official for the german shepherd dog breeding in communist east germany ddr. As part of the herding dog group, these canines require a lot of exercise as well as mental stimulation. Pdf the german shepherd dog, one of the most popular breeds of domestic. Vom banach k9 is a leading breeder of health and hip guaranteed german shepherd puppies from imported ddrczech and west german working lines. Pdf training your german shepherd dog training your dog free. That is why many first time canine owners prefer to take care of dogs over other possible pets. The german shepherd dog club of americas first specialty show was at greenwich, connecticut in 1915. Prior to the fall of the berlin wall, ddr dogs were kept isolated from the west german dogs and because. Exceptional german shepherd puppies detail is offered on our web pages. I dont recommend east german often called ddr lines. After the surrender of germany at the conclusion of the war, berlin and the remaining german territory was partitioned into four occupation zones by the allied forces. Generations of true ddr bloodlines are limited to a span of about, forty years of breeding in the former east germany. Kw german shepherd club wild winds archangel raphael stark, hic, tt g wild.

All current german shepherd dogs can be traced back to the thuringian, the wurttemberg sheep dog, and the swabian service dog. This book, training your german shepherd by dan rice was one of the more helpful books specifically about. See more ideas about german shepherd dogs, working dogs and shepherd dog. The ddr german shepherd today even though the wall fell in 1989 there are still german shepherds today that are full ddr, you can find this out by researching the pedigree and making sure all the dogs came from ddr registered stock.

Top 10 best german shepherd training books for all skill levels in. Thankfully, training your german shepherds ears to stand up isnt as complicated as you might think. Ddr dogs have a strong, solid, lean, muscular body, heavy bone construction and a large massive head. Top 10 best german shepherd training books for all skill. Includes potty training, sit, stay, fetch, drop, leash training and socialization training boykin, brittany on. Ddr german shepherds old east german shepherd lines. This is a masterful work and a wonderful collectors item and reference for enthusiasts of the ddr dsh east german shepherd dog.

The german shepherd is one of the most popular dogs in the world for good reason. Very rare probably the only 100% ddr dog in the uk full 100% ddr male german shepherd 10 month old 20th june, german import with pink sv papers. Training your german shepherd dog champion dogs german shepherd colors, black german shepard. Breeder of the best protection and companion ddr east german shepherds dogs. This pure east german litter is linebred 33 on on the beautiful vtinka vom odland, 34 on vsven vom grafental, and 4,55 on the great producer of working dogs vdon vom haus iris. After purchasing a puppy, you can choose to have your dog trained here or you can purchase a trained puppy, one already finished with obedience from the beginning training programs. The right puppy training approach basic puppy training basic puppy training is training other than tricks eg not to nip or bite outside dedicated play sessions, to calmly wait until your. They were popular to the people of the country because the military sought after their help during the world wars involving germany. We take pride in breeding, importing, and training superior quality german shepherd dogs. Top 7 best german shepherd training books allshepherd.

Police dogs, personal protection dogs, family dogs, guard dogs, sniffing dogs, movie and television dogs, schutzhund trained by canadas top professional. The american kennel club changed the name of the breed to the shepherd dog and the german shepherd dog club of america became the shepherd dog club of america. Canadas leading working german shepherd dog breeders. Please do your research on ddr german shepherds before showing interest in this dog great info at. This list of recommendations below includes books with information from deciding if a german shepherd is the. Canadas leading working german shepherd dog breeders located in saskatchewan canada our working german shepherds can be found in most provinces throughout canada from coast to coast. Read this guide about german shepherd training and that will happen.

Home german shepherd puppies for sale, black german. We specialise in home invasion training, our trained k9 body guards will offer you effective and highly courageous protection from the diabolical underworld and at the same time, offer you love and. The breed was officially known as the alsatian in the uk from after the first world war until 1977 when its name was. We are now also the australasian agents for cariz, hst and raddog dog sport equipment, which are all. We have a complete training facility here for your german shepherd dog or malinois. The beginners guide to training your german shepherd puppy.

We also offer training for german shepherd puppies from other areas. You can take steps to encourage them to naturally stand up, such as looking for triggers and then reinforcing the behavior with tasty treats. Pdf training your german shepherd dog training your dog free books. Training your german shepherd dog training your dog series by brandy eggeman and hustace walker, joan written by a former search and rescue canine handler for more than 17 years and an evaluator for the american kennel club akc, this book is packed with training methods specifically for gsds. Rewardbased training is not bribing your dog, its giving your dog something to work for. The sire is eros vom altostland, son of natlukc ch troas v haus cimmerian, and intukc ch import dam lucy vom. West german, ddr east german, czech, belgian, old soviet bloodlines. If he is not eating normally after a week or so, book a check up with a vet. Beth female german shepherd 12 months old ddr guard. In the english language, the breeds officially recognized name is german shepherd dog gsd.

And if you understand it, you will have great success in training your german shepherd. Training german shepherd dogs can be a pleasure and it is most rewarding because these are very smart and loyal dogs. I wish it was more comprehensive and with more pictures and steps though. The part about leash training your german shepherd and ow to stop the biting and chewing are also a vital part of this book. Such a cute puppy relaxing free fun and unique dog training ebook featuring 21 brain games to increase a dogs intelligence. Ddr german shepherds east german shepherd working k9. Gsd puppy training essentials to be observed by everyone in the family 3. She is currently in training to be an elite personal protection k9.

Pdf constructing the german shepherd dog researchgate. With this dog guide book, you will be able to understand. He was the highest scoring german shepherd at the washington state german shepherd dog club and the oregon german shepherd dog club in 2006. German shepherd crosses and mixes are frequently found in animal shelters.

One of the basics is to speak the dos language and then basic obedience training such as sit, drop, fetch and play dead kidding. The ddr was formed in 1949 at the end of the world war ii. Ddr german shepherds are named for the deutsches demokratische republik german democratic republic or what is known in english as east germany. One of the greatest impacts to astound the working dog world and the german shepherd breed was the onset of the cold war. The east german german shepherd breed started its reign in the dog kingdom in germany in 1949 world wars. Ddr dogs, what is the difference between them and other.

German shepherd training is key in the development of your dogs full potential. My goal is to preserve the ddr lines through selective breeding. I am breeding puppies that can become loving family members, companions or working dogs. Be aware that a dog can look like a german shepherd without having any. The training skills we teach are the basic fundamentals every puppy should know. While crime is sadly on the rise, k9 protection training is one of the most effective means of keeping your home, family andor business safe. It only requires a bit of work and a basic understanding. German shepherd 101 free exclusive german shepherd tips. Ddr german shepherd dogs puppies protection dog sales. They have deep dark pigmentation and are not as angulated as west german show dogs.

Beth is a very special female she has incredible movement with great agility. Mind blowing training your german shepherd dog ideas. These ddr german shepherd were used to help with world wars for the military force. Cz is a group of professional breeders with 21 years of experience in breeding german shepherds at former z pohranicni straze z ps kennel. Of course, everything will vary greatly from individual to individual, but i understand and would still like to hear some generalizations. However, shelter personnel can be overzealous in labeling every medium to large dog with a vaguely shepherdish look as a german shepherd cross. Training your german shepherd dog training your dog series. The german shepherd is an adaptable, intelligent and versatile dog breed utilized worldwide. The german shepherd was much sought after by the military for their profound working abilities, loyalty, trainability, and their dedication to their owners or handlers. In 1917, when america entered world war i, all things german became taboo. Online german shepherd mini course and learn new and advanced german shepherd training and german shepherd care, tips, methods and strategies for free. German shepherd temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and.

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