Agricultural field scouting software

Scoutsmart does much more than create field reports and strives to meet all your crop consulting needs. Scoutdoc field scout mobile application ipad, android. You can work with your field data across our desktop, mobile, and web applications. Fieldagent is a complete agricultural data analytics solution thats with you in the office or the field. Over a growing season, the financial savings from saved time using farm dog will pay for the system several times over.

Using the latest technologies, nutrien ag solutionstm offers indepth comprehensive field and crop scouting as a service available to you. Field intelligence spot variations and problem areas with ndvi. With true iso compatibility, field iq gives you greater control over your investment decisions, helping you get more out of your field. Cowans ebee is one of the newest among hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles uavs for agriculture on the market today in north america. Fieldx is a complete solution for your scouting business. Easy to use and essential farm management software, farmlogic puts farm records, soil sampling, crop scouting, equipment maintenance records, tank mix calculator and gps field mapping when and where you need it. This directed crop scouting app helps identify and prioritize crop. Scoutpro enabled scouts will find the intuitive application an extension of what theyre already doing in the field. Skippy scout is a real step forwards in drone solutions for agriculture, with more meaningful insights for growers and advisors alike. Crop scouting is the process of precisely assessing pest pressure typically insects and crop performance to evaluate economic risk from pest infestations and disease, as well as to determine the potential effectiveness of pest and disease control interventions. Use fieldview year round to make data driven decisions to maximize your return on every acre.

Apps for agricultural, farming, and field work fulcrum. Because of this, you will always know where the user has been in the field. Were your data partner to seamlessly collect, store, and visualize critical field data, monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance, and manage your field. Crop management software to make field scouting and reporting simple. Uavs also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are constantly being perfected and developed to be more efficient, easy to use, and effective. From a family farm in iowa to an agribusiness conglomerate, our 60,000 partners represent every link of the food chain. Ag field scout, agricultural field scouting, ag pest scout. Think of it as a much faster, more detailed way to scout crops quadrat sample. Map your fields, insect traps, disease and pest pressures and more. Fieldagent desktop provides insightful analytics at the field. Multiple users can scout the same field over the course of a growing season and every report. Sirrus is the precision agriculture app from sst software that allows you to digitize field boundaries, soil sample, scout your crops, check weather conditions and graph rainfall.

Scoutdoc field scout mobile application ipad, android, cloud. Farmlogic is a webbased farm record keeping system. You will find scoutsmart to be intuitive and easy to use. Save time scouting, easily share field observations, and make better. Integrated pest management is an ever more crucial part of agriculture today. Fieldagent is dedicated to agricultural applications, provides mobile, web and desktop application and is supplied with all sentera sensors. Save time scouting, easily share field observations, and make better treatment decisions. Draw or import fields then use fields nearby to start scouting.

Through granulars scheduling and collaboration tools, teams can get more done, with less. Scoutpro is created to harness gps locations on select devices even without internet access. Fieldx is an agricultural software platform for robust, mobile, and flexible solution for crop scouting, crop recordkeeping, and soil sampling. Scout your fields and access our extensive pest database. And the nice thing is, its included as part of the crop planning service. Crop scouts, agronomists and agricultural professionals will scout farm fields and enter data about the field crops. New crop scouting and farm management apps available. The app allows users to open a gps map, document field information, and save information collected when scouting or inspecting field. Learn more about the crop scouting technology that farmers use to help make important decisions on the farm. Scoutdoc is an easy to use field scouting app for farmers and professional crop agronomists. Improve yields with crop scouting apps articles agfuse. What crop scouting software do you use on your farm. It is one of the easiest and most popular solutions using dji drones equipped with sentera and thirdparty sensors.

Fieldagent takes you beyond aerial photography into meaningful data products with. Drop disease, insect, stressor, or weed pins directly on top of where youre standing in the field. Agrixp allows the farmer, the employees and your crop consultants to view and log all. Farm dogs endtoend pest and disease management platform is easy to use, saves time. Field mapping is part of the crop consulting service at crop quest, we take pride in keeping good farm records for our clients. Fieldagent mobile is an in field scouting tool that gathers realtime imagery and analytics at the field edge. Fieldx crop scouting, field recordkeeping, and soil sampling.

Scoutdoc is a powerful and flexible gpsenabled field scouting app that improves efficiency for farmers and agronomists. Scoutsmart is software developed for the crop consulting industry by practicing crop consultants. Fieldagent can process data fieldside, without the need for an internet connection. Agrixp is a platform designed by farmers and their crop consultants to track field data. Ag intelligence designed to improve farming yearround. Learn more about the advanced crop scouting technology todays farmers use to make important crop protection decisions. These apps will help you farm smarter and do your job more efficiently this. Easy to use and powerful farm management software trusted by farmers and ranchers worldwide. They then can save, email or print the scouting report to their growers.

Trimble ag mobile allows farmers to input, access, and share records from field images to crop scouting reports in real time from any mobile device. Granular helps farmers break free from spreadsheets and get the analytics they need anytime, anywhere. James marshallroberts global digital agronomy lead, syngenta. Use farm scout pros crop scout feature to record insects, diseases and weeds among your crops.

Its about taking charge of your crop input costs and the implement you choose to get the job done. So, youll be working with the same consultant for your crop scouting as well as farm. More productive farming through practical, hasslefree drone automation and ai. It happens several times a day in peak season, as he takes out his bright yellow ebee for another field scouting trip. Your solution to both in field mobility and workflow improvement. We help farmers and those who serve them demystify the complexities of modern farming, arming ag. Granular is farm management software that makes it easier to operate and manage a stronger, more sustainable farm. The farm management software, farmlogic, empowers growers to keep better. Every successful growing season begins and often ends with crop scouting. Flexible crop scouting for mobile devices and precision agriculture. Skippy scout walk crops faster on the farm with our app. Fieldx platform fieldx software for ag professionals. Unlike other crop consulting companies, every farmer utilizing a crop quest consultant has the software at their disposal to create farm maps.

Fieldx is an agricultural software platform to help you manage and use your agricultural data. Easytouse precision farming software for decision making yearround. Scout crops faster by drone, get training and buy advanced crop sensors. The multispectral sensor for precision agriculture. Take pictures and write comments then send scouting. Take full control of the entire scouting experience. Farmer pro comes with access to the pioneering, userfriendly trimble ag mobile app. Designed for agricultural professionals and growers with large operations, escout creates a digital connection to the. Fieldx crop scouting, field recordkeeping, and soil. We built skippy scout as a way to make field walking crop scouting more efficient through the use of affordable drone systems, and an easy to use app. Uav in crop scouting uavs are one piece of technology that have been developed and perfected for agricultural purposes in the past 10 years. Agrascout is a fast and easytouse crop scouting app. Collect and manage data anytime, anywhere, using the sirrus mobile app.

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